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[FNO Hangover]

After a failed attempt at seeing my lovely friend do some digits up at Bergdorf’s (turns out the line+thecrowd+my poor sense of direction=failure). Patrice and I decided to escape downtown and try our luck for a nice Fashion Night Out-ing.

We decided to walk around with absolutely no plan from Soho over to the West Village where we eventually grabbed dinner. It seemed it was our lucky night because the server even brought over complimentary sushi.

Here are a few snaps from the night:

Outside the Marni Store, Soho NYC

Versani: greetings on stilts

Fun Digital Shoots set up in Stores

At one point in the night we walked past the Benefit line – this year they decided to do a fun twist on FNO goodies by handing out branded poker chips & letting people bet those chips in exchange from anything from a brow shaping to the sleep mask I walked away with. [Note: I was cautious at first as I heard bra-sizing NOT brow shaping, she may or may not have thought I was crazy]

Benefit Cosmetics, Poker Chips

Gambling on Beauty

Well, Beauty or Bust – get it?

Further on we quickly realized there was no way we would get a cab back so we decided to walk over to the west village to grab some sushi before heading back out. A few snaps on the way…

Truck full of neon boxer briefs mid street

Taxi line was out of control

Last but not least here is the one photo we got thanks to a #Marcthedot, Marc Jacobs friend outside one of their little bugs. While we didn’t love it, props for him getting that neat little angle and making sure the car was in there

Patrice and I courtesy of our new friend (no, I do not understand what happened to my hair)

And last but not least….. this is why we were forced to give up:

The crowd. Poor Soho. via iPhone

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