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[Viva Las Vegas – Part 2]

Day 2, I am now even more jet lagged, dizzy from the massive amounts of lights and ready for a day out in the sun. Much to Travis’ dismay I insisted on seeing some of the canyons around Las Vegas. Most people think that Red Rock is the go to place to see something worthwhile but thankfully I had a local to steer me in the right direction. That direction: Valley of Fire.

On the drive up it feels like an endless ride of desert, mountain, brown and being hot BUT eventually you turn a corner and you see a huge red formation of rocks in front of you. I felt like I finally reached the emerald city, you know, except it was red.

Valley of Fire

Photos of us at the first stop – beehives.


It is at this point I would like to mention that there was a warning of African Beehives at the front entrance and this sheep who had wandered down could apparently kill me if provoked. That is only if he wasn’t eaten by a mountain lion first. Did I mention there were also rattlesnakes and scorpions somewhere out there? Needless to say my scaredy cat self and my melting shoes only handled so much outdoor adventure that day.

“The Old Man”

A little bit later we drove over to a more varied color area – Rainbow Vista and what we call “The Beach”

“The Beach”

After all that we decided to grab some lunch in Boulder City before hitting the Westin pool in Lake Las Vegas. For those of you who don’t know about this hidden gem – Lake Las Vegas was a massive man made lake created in the middle of the desert and surrounded by beautiful resorts. Unfortunately most people don’t want to book a hotel and ride the free shuttle for 40 minutes back to the strip but I’m serious when I say…they are missing out. According to wiki notable residents include: Celine Dion, Chris Tucker and Nigel Lythgoe.

In Boulder City – also hilariously equipped with a Flying Saucer conspiracy restaurant, we swung by Grandma Daisy’s that was run by the cutest little ladies.
EVEN THOUGH I begged to skip this, I’m glad I at least made the impossible 115 degree trek up to see Hoover Dam. So here, here is a picture despite me being so terrified of heights I’m nauseous on mall escalators.

Note: bacon toffee…..

Crossing the line from Nevada into Arizona for a view

Hot dam. No, but really

And then…….

The Westin Pool

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2 thoughts on “[Viva Las Vegas – Part 2]

  1. Impressive you saw a big horn sheep – they’re endangered!

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