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[Viva Las Vegas – Part 1]

It has been a long long long emphasis on LONG time since I’ve had a vacation so when I finally was able to squeeze in a few days I decided to make a whim decision and book a trip to visit my very good friend from college – Travis. Having been there for two years he showed me around his city despite the impossibly hot July desert weather and my insisting on going to the canyons at Valley of Fire [Warning: This is going to be a multi- part post on account of my four day adventure to Vegas. Lots of photos.]

I was immediately hungry, thirsty and confused when I stepped off the plane so off course we gorged ourselves on the very delicious and sage ridden Hash House a Go Go chicken and waffles at the M off the strip. I would like to also point out that this is the time frame in which I discovered that I was sweating but couldn’t even tell because sweat was evaporating off me at such a rapid rate. This and the chicken made me drink about a gallon of water.

View from the dining room….

My Sage Fried Chicken & Waffles

Travis’ Sage Fried Chicken

For those of you that care – this is what Travis looks like trying to figure out what he wants to eat on a menu haha

Thinking thinking


Excuse that jumping of the shark — anyhow, we were able to check out a few things on the strip before seeing Travis’ roomate Justin’s metal show (yes I lost my hearing) just off Fremont Street.

Fremont Street

Here are a few from the Bellagio:

The Largest Chocolate Fountain in the World

Protect your eyes AND face

And from New York, New York:


I’m going to do some combining here and throw in all the other hotels we were able to catch on my last day so as not to make these posts really confusing. We also decided on the Rio’s buffet Saturday morning and here are a few photos:

Mmm gelato

As I was leaving the strip I was able to grab my point and shoot just in time to catch the strip at night for the first time.

The Bellagio Fountains & Paris

The volcano show at the Mirage

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