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[App Wrap:The Emperor’s New Clothes]

Recently I’ve seen a trend of more and more of my friends and friends of friends trusting in crowd sourcing apps & sites to dress themselves. Its as though they have managed to bypass bugging their roomate (unlike me) about whether or not their outfits are appropriate and have create a sortof pseudo stylist in their lives.

Here are just a few of the apps I thought were notable:


Now this one is the basic fashion crowd-sourcing app. In a sortof throw back Face Mash style, you get hot or not votes on your outfits. This can come in handy when you ask a question to better direct answers such as “Is this outfit appropriate for work?” The most simple and one of the most trending and addictive.

via Fashism


Save, share and customize your closet with this app. But what makes it so special? Its weather aware after it’s partnership now due to its recent partnership with Weather Underground. This is one of the biggest problems I face as someone that spends the majority of their time in a freezing control room and the rest of their day wondering how to interact with real human people.

The All-New Cloth from Kirk Larsen on Vimeo.

via Cloth


Bam! Celebrities + fashion app = Trendabl. With names like the Olsen twins and Whitney Port, this one is mostly taking off because of, well, names like the Olsen twins and Whitney Port. However, one notable high point is that people tag where they got said clothes and for how much. Isn’t that the point after all?

via Trendabl

via Trendabl


This is the Craiglist sister of these other apps. Why should fashion be limited to the shop hopping app users? Go ahead – covet what your neighbors have….and then root through their digital closets.

via HipSwap

via HipSwap

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