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As I hold on to my very exciting embargoed post of a lovely engagement shoot I had the pleasure of doing, I’ve decided to take a trip back through another medium we often forget about. Between my Instagram and iPhone I have gathered quite a few photos over the past year and a half. Here are just a few of my favorites. [Keep in mind I have a Apples to Apples sense of humor]

Excuse the poor quality, some – if not a lot of these were taken on my iPhone 3G. *sigh* the good ole days…

1: Why go online.

I feel like I need to verify this, yes this is actually a real store – not something made up for a Steve Carell movie *cough*cough* 40 Year Old Virgin

this is like, a real store.

2: Snack Break?

The Brooklyn Zoo offers many options

3: Only in Brooklyn

I’m not sure these are intended for children

4: Truly, Serendipity (3)

Frozen Hot Chocolate

5: That’s how they bleed orange, duh.

Go SU!

6: Pots calling kettles

One time we went to a Martha taping

7: Busy day at the court house

Back when I was a shootin’

8: See Caption

Macy’s Fireworks Up Close

9: Chairs Can Be Funny

East Harlem

10: Why people go to Rockaway

Fish Tacos

11: My friends make to-do lists

Its the small things…

12: My friends take my picture

Attractive, really attractive

13: Golfer

Double Decker Driving Range – Randall’s Island

14: Hurricane Irene via Target

This came in totally handy

15: Damn, I thought those were real


16: Graphics Competition in a church – check

Cut x Paste live graphic design competition

17: Hello, my name is Elmo.


18: The out-of control room

It’s so early

19: Gizmodo Gallery Find

World’s fastest pancake machine

20: Working hard for the money

My cubicle neighbor’s masterpiece

21: TX has discount beer bins

My trip to Texas

22: I can see right through you.

See through iPhone back

23: #NYC Children

Beep Beep

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