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[Saturdays in the ‘Burg]

Happy Summer! Or at least…two days worth. For the first time in what seems like months it was a sunny 83 degrees outside and I promptly went outside to enjoy it. As it happens, I was visiting the boy in Williamsburg and decided to drag him down to the waterfront for Smorgasburg.

Now for those of you who have not taken a Saturday to enjoy this feast, let me explain. Along the waterfront the fine folks behind the Brooklyn Flea set up tents upon tents of food vendors. Due to the fact that it was really hot we just gave up on walking around and instead grabbed two rounds of mini entrees and dessert.


ROUND 1 *ding*ding*

Asia Dog

Because I am half-Korean and I can’t resist kimchi I got “The Ginny”, a beef hot dog with kimchi and nori flakes. I can’t remember which one Corbin got but I’m assuming it was the Mel & Steve,  a beef hot dog with Asian sesame slaw. All their hot dogs are delicious and have various Asian themed toppings, I give them a gold star.


Tacumi Taco

We both begrudgingly agreed that while it was good and unique, it was completely overpriced. Sadly in the $5-6 range, a taco half the size of my hand was not exactly filling. I sat by as I watched a woman across the table from me chowing down on her gigantic arepa *sigh* Below are snaps of the Ahi Tuna Taco and Chicken Yakitori.


People’s Pops

Always a favorite, especially for me since I used to work in the lovely Chelsea market where I could run downstairs and grab a shaved ice snow cone anytime. On this hot hot day I laid in the grass with my raspberry basil pop in hand and remembered that it would be Monday soon and I would be here typing instead of laying outside in the grass…

Bonus round: (Corbin’s new apt comes with cats – the chubby one is Lazlo and the other is Kiki)

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