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[Best of NY: Chicken & Waffles]

Brunch is pretty much a necessity in New York City. If you (like me) accidentally lived in Crown Heights your first year in the city and then East Harlem however, brunch becomes something more like – where can I get the most rockin chicken and waffles? And thus this post was born and your problems are solved. After the jump!

Back Forty

[190 Avenue B at 12th Street – New York, NY]
Let’s kick it off with my latest venture in chicken & waffle land where “Good Food Cooked Good” hangs on the sign outside. Friends Rupert and Thomas took a break from their own icky media schedules to chow down. Not the biggest chicken or most special waffle but this one wins the prize for best batter. Mmm flaky, crunchy and salty. They definitely have a farm to table feel to their food and pride themselves on being locavores. Thomas decided to go for the grass-fed burger with housemade spicy ketchup, farmhouse cheddar, pickle heritage bacon and rosemary fries. It was only fair to the world to include his picture in my one deviation from strictly chicken foods.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Waffle

Wait for it….

Thomas = Grassfed Burger


Amy Ruth’s

[113 West 116th Street – New York, NY]
There is a dauntingly long line and a bouncer at this place – be forewarned. However, the line zips by and the food feels home made (speaking from an ex-Texan point of view) in very very generous portions. Below is the Rev. Al Sharpton which apparently comes with an entire fried chicken not to mention it is sitting on a waffle that was clearly not poured from grocery store boxed batter.

Rev. Al Sharpton Waffle & Buttah (via iPhone)

A few menu options… (via iPhone)

Pies & Thighs

[166 S.4th Street – Brooklyn, NY]
My first encounter with this company was from my seat in the audience at a Martha Stewart show. They make much like their name suggest Pies and Thighs. These thighs however are soaked in brine for many hours and covered in a special mix of spices. Simple and filling – you won’t leave feeling like you blew your daily caloric intake at brunch.

Fried Chicken & Buckwheat Waffles w/ Cinnamon Buter

Yea……there’s only one picture because I was lazy that day. However, if you are now so unbelievably hungry you’ve gotta have more – check out this list from Complex Magazine of their top ten picks. [editor note: I saw these post posting]

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