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After a beautiful weekend, Sunday was completely disgusting. Despite this, roommate and our friend Deanna still followed through with our brunch plans at Beauty & Essex on the Lower East Side (slash Chinatown).

[Note: some of these photos are via the Beauty & Essex Facebook on account of me not having the luxury to clear out the entire dining room to take said photos, the rest however are by myself as usual]

Thus, in the pouring rain we made it, checked into our reservation at 1:45 PM (as this was the first “brunch” time available having booked it only on Friday morning). Although there was an unusually long wait we did have time to browse through the cute pawn shop/mini museum in the front lobby to kill time. I do have to say this is the only luxurious brunch place that also happens to be a pawnshop hybrid. Maybe…target demographic is someone that watches “Pawn Stars” and “Extreme Makeover”?

via Facebook

via Facebook

I would just like to mention at this point in time what Kait was the only person to see…the walls in the lobby are completely covered in white fur.

via Facebook

Here are a few photos we took – from lobby to actual brunch time. Kait had eggs benedict and after indecision on my part, Deanna and I both had the lemon and blackberry pancakes w/ ricotta. They were as you can probably guess, delicious.

So there you have it, due to rainy weather you got TMI on our outing at Beauty & Essex. It was still pouring and I was still starving on account of the model sized portions so before I swung up to the boy’s apartment, I stopped by my absolute favorite place in the cit y- Doughnut Plant (the original one) and grabbed a few delicious donuts. I highly recommend checking out the history on their site.

Donuts from the 23rd st Doughnut Plant

I first found this place one of my summer interning in the city and fell in love with it instantly. Back then the shop had gained a lot of recognition but the chef was still baking, it felt like an oven and it hadn’t expanded to the hip and multiple location business it is now.I will however my first experience there as one of the best ones because in my very typical food indecision haze, I was offered samples of practically ever doughnut. This was also the day I found out that the best doughnuts were the yeast risen ones (a specialty of the doughnut plant) as they only really retain that special taste and chewy consistency day off. To note: they also make their own jelly to fill their doughnuts with mmmm

Then I made the poor decision to walk in the rain back up to 20th street. The end.

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