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You guys, there’s this site called kickstarter and basically if you have not heard of it, I’m so sad for you. Since it is taking me a minute to edit and post pictures from adventures this past weekend I’ve decided to do a round-up like my app wrap post of my favorite kickstarter projects.

In a nutshell, this site aggregates amazing projects that are not yet real but will be once they have enough funding. You can get in on the ground floor and support them often resulting in perks and also making a product that might not otherwise exist a reality.

Here are a few of my favorite kickstarter projects that just might rock our future world (in no particular order):

#1: Twine

via Twine by Supermechanical

via Twine by Supermechanical

Imagine a world where you can come home and be even lazier then you are now. In this world you can tag everything you own and make it do what you would have to get up and set it to do yourself. Think IFTTT (If this then that) but for real life. You can now set your own triggers so that for example if it is 80 degrees outside, your air conditioner will turn on. [Twine] (editor note: if you don’t know what IFTTT is please follow the link – it may streamline all your online worries)

#2: Sensu Brush

via Sensu Brush

via Sensu Brush

For anyone who is a Wacom tablet addict like I am then you will love this. Instead of sticking to a boring old stylus why not express your inner artist by painting in beautiful pseudo brush strokes. For people like me who still hoard books but own an ipad it’s lovely seeing something old meeting something new. [Sensu]

#3: Jello Cups

via The Way We See The World

via The Way We See The World

These are in fact not made of some new amazing material but essentially, jello cups. They are also probably the thing I want most of kickstarter right now because it would make my life that much more fun whether or not I was having a party. Product by The Way We See The World [Edible Cups]

#4: Geode Cache

via Geode

via Geode

Forget those apps that add loyalty cards to your phone – they pretty much only work with gun scanners and even then… This iPhone case is an all in one – credit cards, loyalty cards oh yes and a case. Have no fear they have prepared against lost or stolen gadgets. [Geode]

#5: Instaprint

via Instaprint by Breakfast NY

via Instaprint by Breakfast NY

Cute product by Breakfast NY in Brooklyn. I first saw this at the Gizmodo Galleries. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a polaroid type device – it prints on inkless paper where color is pulled from the paper itself I.E no running out of ink. [Instaprint]

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