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[No Kitchen Required?]

Imagine the following: A competition where chefs are sent to the most remote areas, forced to kill the meat they plan on using in their dish and then attempt to cook said meat over open fire pits and other impossibly difficult manners of cooking. That’s not all – after all that hard work they must serve it to the local tribe who will judge the food. They seem to be an, um, “tough crowd”. And thus BBC America’s new show “No Kitchen Required” is born.


Ben, my old Syracuse roommate who is pretty much forced against his will on my adventures apparently has decided to simply surrender and is now coming up with his own adventures! **pause for applause** He even forced one of HIS current roommates to begrudgingly come along (Brian, you may remember him from Superbowl Sunday)

Anyhow, he suggested we go to a sortof launch party Buzzfeed and BBC America were holding in honor of this new show which by the way premieres tonight. We went through Buzzfeed although we didn’t see the connection in this partnership we are avid feed readers and therefore did not care. One of the three chefs, Michael Psilakis hosted us at his restaurant Fishtag on the Upper West Side for a night of “exotic”foods. The other two chefs Madison Cowan and Kayne Raymond as well as host Dr. Shini Somara were on hand with their own anecdotes about their travels.

Chef Kayne Raymond talked about his experience with a humpback whale while Chef Madison Cowan shared a story about his local bodega owner who often gave him food on credit when he first migrated to New York from London. This was especially nice since the bodega owner was standing there smiling and blushing accordingly.

Here are a few pics of the event, pretend they were not taken on my cell phone:

Ben and Brian had a Kiwi, ginger beer and gin cocktail while I chose this one. I tried theirs as well but ultimately the third cocktail, a Lychee seemed to be the group favorite.

We completely bypassed the traditional table of dips and other foods so I apologize that there are no pictures. We went straight for the table of pork and charcuterie and indulged in delicious Thai Pork Butt. There were also some great cheeses that my French self loved and both Ben and Brian ignored. This was in fact completely traumatizing for those poor cheeses.

Lobster Wontons in Popsicle Chopsticks

note: Brian did not want his picture taken, I ignored his requests


Now we are all incredibly tired but all in all it was a very nice event. Foods ranging from addictive curried goat lollipops to different ceviches (we even had a basil, ginger and corn thai ice cream) were definitely amazing and seemingly endless in supply. The small sizes allowed us to try a little bit of everything without getting full and the good company and drinks were just icing on the cake. Let me know what you think if you catch this on the boob tube this week!

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