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[It’s a Moot Point]

Another weekend, another visit. Our good friend Fishman was visiting some of us Syracuse peeps this weekend and competing in his moot court over in New Jersey. Yes, he does have a first name, no I will not bother using it because he changes his mind about what it is all the time. (check out his site HERE)

After a good amount of shopping we decided he needed new pictures and thus began taking over the Occupy Wall Street camp in Union Square because we needed a backdrop. In hindsight, he probably should have worn a different outfit…

At this point in our impromptu shoot – people like this were laughing and commenting:

So we kept going…

Deep in thought...

But seriously, then we met up with our other friend Ben and had some sushi, took the following picture that was blurry and scary and a decent one on an iPhone. All in all a successful Thursday.

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One thought on “[It’s a Moot Point]

  1. What a handsome man.. Can I get his number?

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