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Despite the fact that I’ve had my iphone 3GS since about Sophomore year in college – it has had the unfortunate luck of being destroyed and stolen several times THUS leaving me with the wonderful news that as of Feb. 15th I will finally be eligible for an upgrade (supposedly…)  In honor of this and requests for some app suggestions here is my round up of apps that are mostly overlooked. Some have gotten a reasonable amount of buzz but they’re no foodspotting or pinterest.


Word Lens

While the app is free, each language costs $9.99. This is by far the best visual app I’ve seen on the market so far and doesn’t make you speak into a microphone and hold your breath when you’re in dire need of a translation.


Must.keep.track.of.receipts. I hate traveling because I always lose track of how much I spend so I try and be good by taking pics of my receipts with this app and watching as it makes graphs and charts of all my spending. This is mostly helpful since my bank unfortunately cannot keep track of where I spend my cash.

Best of the Best:

Zipcar: Allows you to locate a car & even make it beep beep as you look for it in a parking lot.
HotelTonight: App that will show you hotels near you at the best prices for that night only – perfect when you are in a bind.
LodgeNet: Lets you now use your phone as a remote control in a large number of hotels and also lets you lock & unlock your door. Goodbye germs, so sad to see you go.
Foursquare: I’m not sure if I really haven’t to suggest this but mostly I like to check the reviews other people have left, deals or find my friends by clicking the map to their locations.


Chef’s Feed

This app covers only a few cities but they are oh so worth it. Celebrity chefs list their favorite go-to places. Having Mario Batali or David Chang pick out a place other than their own to go to is somehow so much more convincing then a Zagat rating.


I hate going to the grocery store full of energy, ready to read labels and hope that I’m making a relatively healthy decisions. (Especially when the box brownies are eye-ing me down from across the aisle) This app is great in its efficiency. All you have to do is take a picture and it’ll take the hour you are about to spend comparing products out of your hands.

Best of the Best:

Foodspotting: Because how much can you really trust a yelp review? I like to see the food and judge for myself. “The Pandora of Food” app is a must.
Don’t Eat At: This may really only be good for those of you that live in NYC and walk past signs that say A, B or C. If you don’t know what that means move along but if you do, download this app.
Foodily: This is the best alternative in lieu of Tastespotting not having an app. Just type in what you want to make and click through the many customizable options. Great recipe sourcing app.


Think Ink
Snap a pic and get a full color palette, what more could you want out of instant gratification. Note they have several other neat designer apps.

What the font?

You don’t even have to be a designerd to love this. It is completely addictive to take a pic and identify a font anywhere. Clearly I should not be watching documentaries on Helvetica…..

Best of the Best:

Instagram: If you have not heard of this you live under a rock. Also, a hipster is taking a photo, slapping a lomo filter on it and uploading this to facebook where it may or may not be a meme tomorrow.
DailyModi: In the most frustrating way this daily inspiration app gives you three slideshows a day and leaves you pouting until the next day when you finally get more
Pinterest/The Fancy: The Fancy is the more design heavy version of the digital catalog wave thats hitting the world but Pinterest seems more geared to women with great recipes, fitness tips and d.i.y ideas. Pick a card, any card.



Much like task rabbit, you name a price for any random task and get someone else to do it. Apparently everyone DOES have a price.

Jimmy Fallon Alarm Clock

If you must absolutely wake up today.

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