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[I just want to be Pop-ular!]

I love popsicles. I love them and I am sad it is winter. Despite the holiday shops however two things have happened:

1) I found pictures and a Q & A from West Village’s Pop Bar I did a while back

2) I’ve been test running my delicious Zoku Popsicle maker with more winter themed popsicles like this Chocolate Milkshake Banana one

More after the jump……

I can officially think of something better to dip then dots…popsicles! My college roomate Kait and I stumbled in on this NY snack gem on our journey out this past summer and despite not letting Reuben (one of the owners of Pop-Bar) know I could potentially write this on the internets he was quite possibly one of the friendliest people we had ever met.

Not only did we get our pictures snapped for the wall (yes, that is your cue to go look for our pic) BUT we each customized our own popsicle. I had a fruit based one: strawberry (no added sugar) and dipped in dark chocolate. Kait had a chocolate gelato dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in hazelnuts.

Reuben gave us a backstage peek at one of the newest hotspots, er, coolspots for the summer:

Where are you from originally (a little history on the operation) and what made you set up in NY?
“I am originally from Italy, born and raised, although I moved to NY over 14 years ago. My partner Daniel is also from Europe (Germany) but moved here at the same time as me. We feel 100% New Yorkers and we wouldn’t have opened our first location anywhere else…. so we brought a little bit of Italy here.”

What is your favorite flavor? Are you going to be launching any new flavors or toppings?
“We currently have around 30 flavors, 22 to 25 in the display at all times. We are working on launching new flavors, some such as Blood Orange and Mandarin were already soft launched with good results.”

“My favorite flavor changes by day, for popSorbettos I usually go with a classic Strawberry half dipped into dark chocolate. For popGelato I have no preferences, although our Gianduia (an Italian blend of Hazelnut and Chocolate) is ranked very high in my personal list, especially when covered with fresh chopped hazelnuts”

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us? (your secret?)
“I think the success we had in these few short months has to do with a couple of factors. The customer is definitely attracted by our colorful, unique display…but if popbar wouldn’t taste good then we wouldn’t see repeat customers, especially in a city like New York. The real secret is that our Gelato tastes good because it’s made only with fresh, natural ingredients. Not many could claim to make their gelato on the spot on a daily basis, without using any artificial flavoring. Taste and freshness still go a long way!”

If you are not drooling enough already, pop-in to pop-bar or check out their facebook.

And in other news:

This is a Zoku popsicle maker.

This is what one makes with a Zoku popsicle maker (my chocolate milkshake & banana popsicles)…

The best part  is that you can pretty much make a popsicle out of anything and this wonderous machine will freeze it within a couple of minutes. The technology is very similar to an ice cream maker AND you do have to keep it in the freezer but its absolutely worth it – I am of course a loyal fan of instant gratification.

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