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[4Food-ing in the Concrete Jungle ]

I thought it would be nice to  kick things off with one of my favorite and somewhat lesser known places in New York. 4Foods is New York’s “First Donut-Hole Burger Shop” located on the east side of Midtown with a mission to de-junk fast food. Back when I still had to endure late night masters classes this was a healthy way to squeeze a fast food meal in before class.

Highlights and pics after the jump

I apologize ahead of time for these photos via my cell. I promise never to do this again however sometimes you run across something cool and are forced to resort to this.

“The Menu”

“The Foursquare Wall”

“The Food”

“The Receipt”

4Foods Round-up:

1- iPad access both on tables and occasionally via waiters

2- A giant foursquare check-in wall that plays back check-ins as well as shout outs

3- Customizable burgers with options ranging from lamb meat to kimchi toppings

4- Make your own burger or get one off the board like the “Bed Intruder” or “Cali Burger”. These burgers were “make your owns” from previous customers that became popular enough to get on the board which means they earn something in return and in theory so could…we by achieving said success.

5- If that’s not enough, check your receipt which of course has a thorough breakdown of the calories you can eat guilt free (ish)

Did I mention they compost everything in house? Definitely one of the cooler concepts I’ve seen – even for New York. A little bit pricey but very worthwhile.

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